Manufacturing Capabilities

Circular Saw / Band Saw

Used for blank cutting for forging and input for machining NC controlled machined with auto bar feeder.



4 sets of presses ranging from 75-200 Tons & max diameter up to 150mm. The presses are all fed with induction heaters which have accept/reject for temperature changes and auto feedback mechanism to correct any issues.


CNC Turning

Big capacity for high production available. Can work with different work holdings to get the best quality products within minimum cycle time.

CNC Turning

CNC Hobbing & Shaping

A number of CNC Hobbing and Shaping machines are available for critical gear cutting & achieving maximum accuracy.

CNC Gear hobbing Machine   CNC Gear Shaping Machine

Sealed Quench Furnace

Brand new furnace with total HMI touch screen control for effective monitoring & control. We also own nitrogen generator for risk free operation.

Sealed & Quench Furnace

CNC Grinding

New state of the art CNC Grinding machine to deliver less than 5µ tolerance. The machines are equipped with marposs in-process gauge & flagging to avoid accidents.

CNC ID Grinding Machine   CNC OD Grinding Machine

Die Casting

Completely automated die casting line with auto laddle, auto spray & auto extraction.