Transmission Components

We are a leading manufacturer and tier-1 supplier for transmission components manufactured in-line, in mass volumes.bevel gear 2 Our top notch production units serve quality OE transmission parts for both two and four wheeler applications.

Made with CNC controlled ID grinding, OD grinding, CNC gear hobbing and CNC gear shaping machines, our products have achieved a sub 10 Microns tolerance level.

Our product line includes

favicon-nd Differential cage for off-road application


favicon-nd Gears, including Spur, Helical, Worm & Bevel.


favicon-ndShafts including, Reverse gear shaft, shift tower shaft, clutch shaft, kick shaft,  multiple gear shaft, input shaft, output shaft.
spur gear

favicon-ndBearing sleeve including Thrust ring and Spacers.


favicon-nd Spline Shafts



Differential Gear
MG Shaft

Bevel Gear
FM Gear & Pinion
Idler GearPlugPlug
Plug MagnetShaft Drive Immediate
RC GearShaft Gear Shift
Shaft Gear Shift SelectSpline Shaft
ShaftSupport Clutch Fork
Spur GearTie Rod Assembly
Support Gear Shift LeverTorsion Shaft
Differential HousingDifferential Assembly
Gear Shaft

Differential Cage

Differential Lock Assembly